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LCD Soundsystem | Drunk Girls

0 Comments 06 | May | 2010

The title is a bit unfair considering Mr. Murphy rants as much about drunk boys as much as the lush-like ladies, but the rowdy chorus keeps bringing us back to the female contingent.  As easy as it is to swept up in the driving bass line, the listener (and his sense of humor) will be rewarded for listening to the lyrics.  The following are my choices for quotable quotes.  Feel free to listen to all of the song’s lyrics and match them to your favorite memories from four (or more) years of college.

“Drunk boys, keeping pace with the pedophiles!”

Anyone who has been to a night club in the past…..ever, can testify to the over-achieving attitude of that guy (who may or may not be related to the guy from The Antlers concert).  With the criteria set at “two holes and breathing,” he rattles off a dozen attempts, that if performed during daylight hours at Chuck E. Cheese’s, would land him in jail serving 2 years minimum.  Ladies, do not turn your back to this guy.

“Drunk boys, they steal they steal from the cupboards”

Hah!  This is true!  Just ask me about the epic Newport Beach blender heist.

“Drunk boys leave their irons in the fire, because drunk girls give them too many tries!”

It’ll be different this time…

“Drunk girls like to file complaints”

I’m pretty sure drunk girls are the reason we have “How Are We Doing” forms.

“Drunk girls wait an hour to pee”

It’s not funny because it’s true, it’s sad because it’s true.  It’s funny because I’m a guy.

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