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Jay-Z & Kanye | Watch The Throne

4 Comments 22 | August | 2011

Kanye has come a long way since his early days of beat-making and dodging death.  While unquestionably talented and (in)famous the world over, the long time Roc-A-Fella Records producer turned contentious and volatile MC has previously existed on an echelon below his boss, Jay-Z.  On Graduation’s “Big Brother, Kanye depicted this relationship and spelled out the envy and frustration between himself and the messianic HOVA.  Now 11 years after the college dropout made Jesus walk, he’s finally achieved savior status alongside his mentor. Continue Reading

Ceiling Vaulted | Americans Floored

Mix'd Bag

Ceiling Vaulted | Americans Floored

3 Comments 04 | August | 2011

We did it!!  Go us!!  Go USA!!  Totally smoked that whole debt ceiling deal.   Am I right?  Am I right?!

No, I’m a liberal.  And no, we did not “smoke that whole debt ceiling deal.”

Rather, the entire world watched Congress stumble and trip over itself like a shitcanned Bambi at Disney on Ice.  But unlike a fumbling fawn, the scene was not a rollicking LOL moment and it did not end with Bambi mauling the hunter who shot his mom (Dick Cheney).  I’ve never seen Bambi, but I’m pretty sure this is how it ends…..right? Continue Reading

Mix Playlist | July 2011

Mix Playlists

Mix Playlist | July 2011

2 Comments 01 | August | 2011

JULY 2011

  1. Cults | Go Outside
  2. The Elected | When I’m Gone
  3. Black Lips | Don’t Mess Up My Baby
  4. Ty Segall | Imaginary Person
  5. Handsome Furs | Serve the People Continue Reading

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