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Songs of the Year | 2014


Songs of the Year | 2014

4 Comments 29 | January | 2015

In hot pursuit of my Top Albums of 2014 list, here comes my Top Songs of 2014 mix!  Instead of the typical 20-ish-song, 80-ish-minute compilation, this year I decided that FIFTY is the magic number.  That’s right, you’re in for a treat…3 hours 17 minutes of top-notch, grade-A tracks that were the soundtrack of my year.  I didn’t bother splitting hairs to decide the order of the Top 50.  Rather, I mixed them in the order I felt most appropriate.  So take a listen.  All you have to do is press PLAY above!

If you prefer to SPOTIFY, here is the link.  LDD – Best of 2014
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Albums of the Year | 2014


Albums of the Year | 2014

No Comments 25 | January | 2015

It’s that time of year again.  At least it WAS that time of year…two months ago.  Still, it’s never too late for an Albums of the Year list, right?  I just wanted to be sure nobody copied my answers.

According to some parts of the internet, 2014 wasn’t a triumph in the album arena, with the exception of Taylor Swift’s 527 ft home run, 1989.  Speaking of monster home runs and 1989, shout out to the Bash Brothers – Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire.  Despite this ruling by the interwebs that doesn’t mean there are some serious gems out there.

Thanks to all my favorite people for slangin’ recommendations my way throughout the year.  Per the usual, gimme a shout with any albums that I absolutely, positively haaaave to check out, lest my street cred flow directly into the sewer.  I’m all ears.

Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for….the L.I.S.T.  My Top 50 Albums of 2014. Continue Reading

Mix Playlist | August 2014

Mix Playlists

Mix Playlist | August 2014

No Comments 03 | September | 2014


  1. Sylvan Esso | Hey Mami
  2. Shamir | I Know It’s a Good Thing
  3. clipping | Body and Blood
  4. Bear in Heaven | If I Were to Lie
  5. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah | Impossible Request (Alternate Version)
  6. A Sunny Day in Glasgow | Golden Waves
  7. HAERTS | Wings
  8. Makthaverskan | Asleep
  9. The Rentals | 1000 Seasons
  10. Parquet Courts | Black and White (7-Inch Version)
  11. Ty Segall | The Hand
  12. White Fence | Sandra (When the Earth Dies)
  13. Mac DeMarco | Passing Out Pieces
  14. In The Valley Below | Neverminders
  15. Spoon | New York Kiss
  16. Jenny Lewis | Head Underwater
  17. Beck | Heaven’s Ladder
  18. Conor Oberst | Enola Gay
  19. Alex G | Serpent is Lord
  20. Perfume Genius | Queen
  21. The Antlers | Palace

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Mix Playlist | July 2014

Mix Playlists

Mix Playlist | July 2014

No Comments 02 | August | 2014

JULY 2014

  1. Hundred Waters | Show Me Love
  2. A Sunny Day in Glasgow | MTLOV (Minor Keys)
  3. Sylvan Esso | Uncatena
  4. Bear in Heaven | Demon
  5. clipping | Work Work (feat. Cocc Pistol Cree) Continue Reading
Mix Playlist | June 2014

Mix Playlists

Mix Playlist | June 2014

No Comments 03 | July | 2014

JUNE 2014

  1. Cooper | This Year
  2. Chromeo | Jealous (I Ain’t With It)
  3. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah | Beyond Illusion
  4. Jack White | High Ball Stepper
  5. Bear Hands | Giants Continue Reading
Mix Playlist | July 2012

Mix Playlists

Mix Playlist | July 2012

1 Comment 01 | August | 2012

JULY 2012

  1. Purity Ring | Fineshrine
  2. Twin Shadow | Golden Light
  3. Electric Guest | Amber
  4. Frank Ocean | Lost
  5. Killer Mike | Anywhere But Here (feat. Emily Panic) Continue Reading
Songs of the Year | 2011


Songs of the Year | 2011

No Comments 17 | January | 2012

I’ve already divulged my Top Albums of 2011, but some of you might be thinking, “Hey LDD, let’s get specific.  I would really love it if you were to highlight the exact tracks that created cavalcades of emotion for you in the past year; from the boogie in yer underwear hits to the introspective think pieces that leave you tingly.”  Well lucky for you (and thanks to a recommendation from Ryan O.) I’ve done just that.  The best 1 hour, 18 minutes, and 52 seconds of music from 2011 according to some random internet guy with too much free time on his hands.

Now that it’s almost 2013, here are….

The Top Songs | 2011 Continue Reading

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