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20 Comments 06 | September | 2010

I’m not much of an artist and not much of an art aficionado either.  But when I received a call a while ago to come check out Shepard Fairey mid-mural, I knew I would regret skipping out.  Prior to showing up I was only aware that he was the mastermind behind Obama’s “Hope” poster, but considering how ubiquitous that image was during the elections I figured it would be time well spent.

I arrived on the scene and was greeted by the following sight.


Photos | by Me
(Please don’t clown my fake-ass Photoshop skills.  Props to Powerpoint!)

It was only then that I recalled first seeing his Obey Giant poster years ago, plastered to a utility box, starring back at me from across the intersection at UCSD.  Suddenly all of the “Obey” apparel made sense.  *Durrr*  Had my limited knowledge of his body of work been exposed to the posse of artistes who gather to pay reverence to a modern art god, I would have been sneered into a cave more remote that Osama’s.

One by one, the “real” fans approached Shepard and collected a smile, a handshake, an autograph, or all three.  Although I felt a bit out of place, I mustered up the courage to ask for the first two and I’m happy I did.  As recognized as his art is, maybe I was just hoping for some creative juices to rub off.  At the very least I got a palm full of wheatpaste and a courtesy nod from the great white hope.

I had not thought much about it since, but then I discovered that a local “artist” had decided to “contribute” to the work.  Behold, revolutionary art revolutionized


The creative stroke of genius (emphasis on stroke) behind this tag, “Polo Joe,” is obviously psyched to have his “art” associated with Shepard Fairey’s, and judging by the wayward penmanship I would also accuse him of peeing on any number of toilet seats.

What a waste, right?  Hours of diligent, concerted work, ruined in minutes, by some less-than-average-Joe.  It’s unlikely that Shep (I call him that because we’re totally bros now) will return to undo the damage so I can only cross my fingers that Joe gets caught blue handed and his Krylon cans are shuvved waaay far up his butt.  Let’s Hope.

Thoughts on Shepard?  Thoughts on tagging?  Please comment!
For an interview with Shepard Fairey prior to the defacing click here.

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