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Cee-Lo Green | F**k You

1 Comment 10 | September | 2010

Besides being the English language’s most neatly packaged and widely embraced method for expressing one’s dissatisfaction with another, “Fuck You” is the title of Cee-Lo Green’s newest single from the forthcoming album, The Lady Killer.  It’s a tale of, for lack of a better term, “heartbreakin’, golddiggin’ bitches” abandoning real love in the name of dolla dolla billz, y’all.

Editor’s Note:  Don’t let the term “bitches” fool you.  It’s not a gender role and it doesn’t recognize time, place, sex, ethnicity or race as a boundary.  That being said, Mr. Green does opt for a more traditional interpretation in this video.

With his roly-poly 5’-6” frame, it’s not a surprise that Cee-Lo may have had trouble with the ladies in his early years.  But now that the soul soaked singer/rapper has tipped the charts upside down, thanks in no small part to his Gnarly partner, Brian Burton, he undoubtedly finds himself on the other end of the < equation.

But that resentment lingers…

Backed by a trio of spirited siren sistas, Cee-Lo sounds off with a soulful serenade that echoes throughout Cadillac Jacks, a very familiar diner.  Despite bitter content, his playful delivery leaves the patrons unfazed and grooving, donning ear-to-ear smiles like a bunch of Ned Flanders, seemingly unaware of the intended message.

His reminiscent rant showcases socio-economic analogies that bounce from Xbox vs. Atari, to a Ferrari vs. a Waste Management truck, all of which pin Cee-Lo on the losing end.  While he initially lashes out at the jerk pirating his girl, he fires the same two-word phrase to his ex to let her know, in a succinct fashion, that he is disappointed in her for placing the love of money above the love of love.

But we all know how this story ends.  Right before our eyes, our hero transforms into The Lady Killer and snatches the last laugh.  He points his finger and flaunts his wealth while The Heartbreaker, who caused him so much pain, is now the one cleaning up the mess, both literally and figuratively.

“Now aint’ that some shit?

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