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Das Racist | Who’s That? Brooown!

2 Comments 13 | September | 2010

The Brooklyn rap duo + hypeman, Das Racist, have been slowly turning heads since they released their faux classic single “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell” in 2008.  At first listen the track reeks of flash-in-the-pan greatness, made possible by the wonders of the internet (and possible a great hypeman?).  However, the group has been steadily making headway, and in March of this year they dropped the Shut Up, Dude mixtape with production help from Diplo, Dame Grease, and Boi-1da.

Batting leadoff on the mix is single in question, “Who’s That?  Brooown!”  The video features 8-bit genius that borrows heavily from the NES classic, Double Dragon, and the MIDI-inspired backbeat completes the trip down memory lane.

The twisting plot, which requires a bong load to comprehend, follows members “KOOL A.D.” and “HEEMS” as they try to locate their hypeman, “DAP” in order to successfully fill in for Kanye and Justin Bieber….who’s stretch limo was hit by a meteor.  If only…

Easier said than done though.  “Yuppie Gentrifiers” guard subway platforms, equipped with yoga mats, pink polos with popped collars, and ejectable Baby Bjorns.  Just to ride the 7 train?! Sounds like hell.  More enemies await in Murray Hill, which based on the pixilated residents is home to some posh elitists, including the Contra-versial chick from the cover of Vampire Weekend’s recent album.  BATTLE!!

Then outta nowhere, Sarah Palin pops in, sporting and American flag two piece. ?!?

Disturbed and confused, the duo Froggers their way across the East River to Williamsburg, where Dap was seen at a taco truck.  ?!?!?

Having traversed the river and contracted every disease known to man and Pam Anderson, the team swap out their clothes for sheik hipster garb.  Unfortunately, this leaves them penniless when they enter the corner store to re-up on Pabst Blue RibbonOperation: Gank PBR goes into full effect.  Luckily the store owner has terrible aim and only manages to (shot)gun down the old lady buying canned ham.  Typical.

Finally, DAP is located.  He’s in the middle of a dance battle and the animation that follows is the kind that was at the heart of the push for 8 more bits.  DAP’s opponent delivers fatal moves.  The Jerk, The Advanced Reject and The Spongbob send the crew packing.  No time to fuss though, it’s almost showtime.

They arrive on stage and proceed to rock the mic, complete with a secondhand ROY G. BIV light show that drives the crowd into frenzied head banging and vomiting; pretty much the best concert ever.

If the video isn’t enough to quench your 8-bit thirst, you can follow the link to actually play the game.  That should keep you busy until tomorrow when their next mixtape, Sit Down, Man, “hits the shelves.”

With all that media to offer, I think they’ve answered the question, “What can Brown do for you?”

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