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“Thursday is the new Friday.”  Stretch it out and you might get “Thursday is the new Saturday.”  But I’ll be damned if it ever comes to the point that “Tuesday is the new Saturday.”  However, just the other night at the Casbah it certainly felt as though that was the case as J Roddy Walston and the Business played to a crowd that rocked as if the Business would soon be closing its doors.

A rowdy foursome of guitars, piano, bass and drums, their janglin’ honky tonk scream-a-longs had the crowd moving their feet as if someone had set the floor on fire.  Arms shot into the air, fists pumped wildly, and voices rode roughshod in and around J Roddy’s.   All the while tall cans of PBR were raised high into the air to salute the boundless energy.

Leading the crowd in the unbridled revelry were not one, but TWO #1 FANS!!  Hereafter referred to as The Amp Humper (AH) and Spencer Pratt’s Mini Me (SPMM) for reasons that don’t really require further explanation, these two were front row all-stars, humping amps and looking like drunk, stockier versions of Spencer Pratt ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

But that wasn’t even the beginning.  Displaying classic symptoms of #1 fan syndrome, these two sang loudly and incessantly AT J Roddy and attempted to high five him numerous times.  Unable to engage the furry frontman they endeavored to high five each other and failed miserably, both nearly incurring abuse charges from AH’s girlfriend, who was hopelessly trapped in the middle.  At one point AH even offered J Roddy a luke warm beer.  Perhaps feeling a combination of obligation and dehydration he accepted the offer only to immediately regret the decision.  Eyes squinted and grimacing he inquired of AH, “did you bring this from home?!

Fortunately another crowd member came to the rescue with a cold PBR to which Roddy countered, “Now this is better.  This is actually colder than something I could produce from my body.”  Lovely.

Unfazed by an entire front row that was one beer from blackout, the Business rattled off hits from their self-titled debut album (including, “Don’t Break the Needle,” “Pigs & Pearls,” and “Brave Man’s Death”) and even had time for a few new licks before their ceremonial first exit.  Not to be denied, AH almost single-handedly forced an encore (or a restraining order) as he followed J Roddy out the back door.

Meanwhile SPMM and the rest of us cheered like (semi) normal people until the band reappeared for a final two songs.  From the book of Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., they chose a cover for their encore.  Steve Winwood?!? While this would have surpassed Criss Angel for Mind-freakiness, it was not to be.  Rather, they chose AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell,” a song that surely describes where we will all end up if we keep living our lives like Tuesday is the new Saturday.

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If 30 is the new 20, what is the new equation for age?
Note: I used Excel to plot points, fit a logarithmic trendline and came up with:

y = 17.7 ln (x) – 33.6

For your viewing pleasure…

The New Age

Also Note: This means that the average life expectancy for someone in the U.S. is now 43.7 (instead of 78.7)
Also Also Note: I’m a huge nerd.

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