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1 Comment 02 | October | 2009

Though it’s been around for quite some time now, the practice of “blogging” is still foreign to me.  The term itself conjures the idea of a shapeless piece of wood, an amorphous log, which makes very little sense.  But according to a few of my friends and readers, the concept was one that deserved exploration.  So with very little regret, I’m announcing the launch of my very own “amorphous log.”  And the more I think about it, the more that description fits. But rather than formless lumber, it’s a free-flowing chronicle of the music, thoughts and events that shape my existence.

In particular, music plays a significant role in the way I approach and enjoy life.  It has the uncanny ability to transcend the factors that so often complicate our being, such as gender, race, religion, and the many forms of status.

Music makes me feel good.

It can emphasize good times, provide comfort in bad times, or just go along for the ride.  While the artists that make the music might have certain intentions, or particular emotions they associate with their craft, there is nothing keeping the listener from interpreting lyrics how they choose, relating to the message as they see fit, and formulating their own conclusions on meanings and purpose.

This feeling is liberating and it is expansive.

As important as music is to me, humor is equally critical to my life.  There is plenty to cry about in our modern day world.  We need balance.  Sources of laughter and smiles should never be trivialized.  Have you ever met someone who didn’t have time to laugh, someone so tightly buttoned that they refused to let loose with a smile or deviate from the plan.  Yeah, they’re called robots.  And while I will allow them to make my coffee, run my software and vacuum my floor, they aren’t my friends.

Thus, humor permeates my writing.  It’s my solution, it’s what I know.  Hopefully you’ll find me as funny as I find me.  Ha ha??  (cue the chirping crickets)

Finally, you might be asking yourself, “Long Distance Drunk…WTF?!”  Never fear, there is significance in the name.  A reference to Modest Mouse’s track of the same name, it serves as a reminder of the bands that inspired my passion for music.  With any luck, I will achieve similar levels of success doing something I love.

Thanks to all of my friends and supporters, new and old.

Rock on!

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