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Mix Playlist | July 2013

Mix Playlists

Mix Playlist | July 2013

2 Comments 01 | August | 2013

This mix is the reason Anthony Weiner can’t keep his dick in his pants.

JULY 2013

  1. Disclosure | Intro
  2. Disclosure | When A Fire Starts To Burn
  3. Empire Of The Sun | DNA
  4. Tanlines | Brothers
  5. Javelin | City Pals Continue Reading
Grammys 2013 | The High Notes

Mix'd Bag

Grammys 2013 | The High Notes

No Comments 15 | February | 2013

In case you didn’t set aside 3.5 hours of your life this past Sunday to marvel at the spectacle that was the 55th Grammy Awards, I will do you the favor of summarizing the evening’s events through an LDD lens.  That way, when you read this a week after the show and nobody is talking about it you can feel confident that you are also not talking about it, but it’s not because you don’t know, aren’t hip, or were too busy sitting on your left hand until it was asleep so you could give yourself the sloppiest handjob of your life. Continue Reading

Songs of the Year | 2011


Songs of the Year | 2011

1 Comment 17 | January | 2012

I’ve already divulged my Top Albums of 2011, but some of you might be thinking, “Hey LDD, let’s get specific.  I would really love it if you were to highlight the exact tracks that created cavalcades of emotion for you in the past year; from the boogie in yer underwear hits to the introspective think pieces that leave you tingly.”  Well lucky for you (and thanks to a recommendation from Ryan O.) I’ve done just that.  The best 1 hour, 18 minutes, and 52 seconds of music from 2011 according to some random internet guy with too much free time on his hands.

Now that it’s almost 2013, here are….

The Top Songs | 2011 Continue Reading

Top 10 Albums | 2011


Top 10 Albums | 2011

4 Comments 09 | January | 2012

Now that Santa is done checking off his list, it’s time for me to do the same.  The votes have been cast (all by me) and the results are in for the Top 10 Albums of Winter 2011.  Those lucky enough to make this list then went on to contend with the veterans of my Top 40 Albums of 2011.  When all was said and done, it was a tough decision paring the list down to a Top 10 overall, but I reached deep within and summoned the strength to….oh who am I kidding, I chose the music that kept my iTunes chugging and put the biggest smile on my face.

Hopefully you have found some great music in 2011 and are as excited as I am for more to come in 2012.  Cheers to all and on to the lists!! Continue Reading

Mix Playlist | September 2011

Mix Playlists

Mix Playlist | September 2011

3 Comments 02 | October | 2011


  1. The Pentacles | Now You’re Gone
  2. The Vaccines | Norgaard
  3. Dominant Legs | Hoop of Love
  4. Beirut | Santa Fe
  5. The Black Ghosts | Forgetfulness Continue Reading
Mix Playlist | August 2011

Mix Playlists

Mix Playlist | August 2011

No Comments 01 | September | 2011


  1. Blue Scholars | Cinemetropolis
  2. Jay-Z And Kanye West | Otis (feat. Otis Redding)
  3. Hooray For Earth | True Loves
  4. Portugal. The Man | Got It All (This Can’t Be Living Now)
  5. Patrick Wolf | Time Of My Life Continue Reading
Jay-Z & Kanye | Watch The Throne

Albums, Videos

Jay-Z & Kanye | Watch The Throne

4 Comments 22 | August | 2011

Kanye has come a long way since his early days of beat-making and dodging death.  While unquestionably talented and (in)famous the world over, the long time Roc-A-Fella Records producer turned contentious and volatile MC has previously existed on an echelon below his boss, Jay-Z.  On Graduation’s “Big Brother, Kanye depicted this relationship and spelled out the envy and frustration between himself and the messianic HOVA.  Now 11 years after the college dropout made Jesus walk, he’s finally achieved savior status alongside his mentor. Continue Reading

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