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13 Comments 01 | August | 2010

I don’t pledge my allegiance to much anymore…at least not like I did in elementary school.  Yet Pabst Blue Ribbon has been a staple in my life long before it was the hipster beverage of choice.  Memories of zinging Tall Cans Of Pabst (TCOPs) to my friends are as deeply ingrained as the “30-guy code” for Contra.  (Say it with me now, up up down down left right left right b a b a select start)

Even before PBR got into bed with National Public Radio (NPR), I was singing its praises…by the case.  Hell, it was seven years ago we named our soccer team FC*PBR.  Since then we’ve advanced to the top division in the county and we continue to represent our roots.  That’s why I was so excited to receive this video from a teammate claiming, “This is why I play for FC*PBR.”

I’d venture a guess that the entire concept was spawned during a drunken trip to a thrift store.  Further fueled by a case of PBR, analogies to George Washington battling “the Brits” in your throat, and images of nationalistic boozing toddlers hit the story board.  And voila!, a little piece of cinematic brilliance.

What is truly amazing though, is how a single blue ribbon, won 117 years ago, continues to spark unbridled patriotism and creativity.  For that, PBR surely deserves a second blue ribbon.

Be Proud.  Be American.  Drink Pabst.

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