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0 Comments 06 | May | 2010

You know that (silly) hand motion that rappers do, bending their arm 90 degrees at the elbow and repeatedly pushing their palm downwards, possibly mimicking tha gangsta bounce of a six-fo Impala…

…well, this song launches me into that motion every time.  Often times I forego the bent elbow and use my entire upper body to really “sell” it.  Not sure what “it” is, but it symbolizes unbridled confidence and It. Is.  Pricey.

Speaking of gangsta, the distortion, which is present at all times and all volumes, hearkens back to my high school days when my friends would cram ridiculously loud systems into their 1985 Buick LeSabres.  Pulling into Taco Bell at 1:15 am, the drive-thru attendant hopelessly requested clarification on our $34 order while the 90-decibel sound caused irreparable damage to roll cage and minor bleeding of the ears.


Driver:  “What Jew lied on the cross?? What?

Passenger:  “Doesn’t he mean, ‘What Jew laid on the cross?’”

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