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Hot Chip | I Feel Better

1 Comment 07 | May | 2010

Before I witnessed this video, I was actually told that is was, quote, the weirdest ever, unquote.  Despite the forewarning, I managed to overlook the video on my Youtube quest.  So estranged, I took the boy band theme as a certain sign that this was, in fact, a silly fan video.  Wrong.  Dead Wrong.

The flashing lights and the choreography had me fooled from the beginning.  Nevermind the band member names flashing across the screen:





Really??  Yes, really.  The gentlemen of Hot Chip have a sense of humor and don’t your forget it.

Amidst the TRL splendor, they weave a plot so absurd, you can only appreciate it fully after 4 or 5 viewings.  Even after verifying with my friend that I had, indeed, found the correct video, it took me a full minutes to accept his word.

An intro that gives any N’sync video a run for its money is followed by the most blatant awkward-ism to grace the internet since “Boom goes the dynamite.”  The band is confronted by a luminescent, and grossly underweight, Ghandi-esque figurine.  Equipped with a smile that would creep out a pedophile, the grotesquely gaunt, and socially inept skeleton floats through the crowd, terrifying all teenage girls within a 10-mile radius.

After successfully battling/”obliterating” each of the band’s four members with his Skelo-scream, Skeletor turns hero and brings the band back for a whitewashed reunion.  However, this is short-lived because his arch nemesis “floating black head guy,” crashes the party and lays waste to the crowd with his laser eyes.  Who didn’t see that coming?!

When all is said and done, the crowd has evacuated, all 85 pounds of Ghandi has run away like a bitch, and the members of Hot Chip have been burned alive by the soulful gaze of a Carl Winslow wannabe.

T.G.I.F. my ass.

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