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Mark Ronson & The Business Intl | Bang Bang Bang

0 Comments 10 | August | 2010

From the opening countdown of “Un, deux, twois,” this dance track grabs your attention and slaps you with its white glove.  The only problem with this duel is that YOU are on the short end of three “bangs” that will leave you dead like disco.  And as if Mark Ronson and his infectious beats + production aren’t enough to worry about, it turns out his “Business Intl” includes the likes of Q-Tip.  One, Two, Oh My God!

The video’s linguistically complex intro may test your comprehension but hang on for the inspiring performance in which Ronson transforms, Voltron-style, into a DJ sophisticate ready to rock the mixed-ethnicity crowd.  With ‘Tip on hand already, he is flanked on the other side by MDNR’s Amanda Warner, who sports an outfit that answers the question, “What would happen if Missy Elliott left her Hefty bag outfit from “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)” in the dryer too long.”

The trio performs at light speed, battling time with wicked break moves and abstract rhymes.  In a Star Wars tribute, Ronson’s flying keyboard narrowly escapes the exploding Death Clock, just in the nick.  Logically, this results in a fiery aftermath of feathers falling from the sky, showering an audience incapable of questioning such an unfounded consequence.  “Who cares? Let’s dance!

This proves, once again, that nothing on Japanese television makes any sense.

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