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The Black Keys | Howlin’ For YouTube

1 Comment 28 | March | 2011

I love it when good bands get paid.  Or as Beck might say, “get real paid.”  Moreover, I love it when said bands use that money to deliver even higher quality product(s).  Traditionally more money is associated with more production, more marketing, and more radio play, but there are other avenues for bands to channel their new monies and not all of them result in Mo Problems.

In the case of The Black Keys, their semi-meteoric rise to the top of critics’  and awards show shortlists has brought in enough spare change to warrant a pretty phenomenal video campaign.  Themes of “hilarity,” “violence,” and “hilarious violence” may be the only common threads (aside from Frank the Funkasaurus Rex), but that’s really all that’s necessary to captivate today’s ADHD audiences.

…Speaking of Kill Bill, the video for “Howlin’ For You” parodies everything sacred in the realm of Quentin Tarantino’s two-volume ninja-babe-assassin masterpiece.

  • Badass females/Pinup protagonists
  • Spaghetti western mentality
  • Classic muscle cars
  • Far eastern weaponry
  • Eye patches
  • Gruesome maiming
  • Weaponized instruments
  • and much, much more…

The tailor-made trailer so closely follows the film industry’s recipe that it’s difficult to discern whether we should really expect “Howlin’ For You” to be released in theaters.  It’s not until Dan and Patrick make their cameo that we can be completely certain this isn’t a B-rated ripoff heading straight to DVD.  However, throughout the feature there are some pretty hilarious hints.

If you haven’t already, I’d watch the video now and then recap below.

  • Shaun White (aka The Flying Tomato) is the vixen’s first victim, heeding the warning “She’ll bang ya, but then she’ll hang ya.”
  • “Sir” Todd Bridges’ saintly character blasphemously broadcasting, “I’m pretty sure God would consider it a sin not to glorify that ass.”
  • The eye-patched villain avowing, “I will get the information I want, if I have to stab it out of you.”
  • “He wasn’t my first love.”
    “Wait, you’re saying there was one before.”
    “No. Two. (cut to a shot of the mariachi clad Keys, drinking beer amidst chickens on the stoop of a dusty village hut)….But they would not have me.”

At this point the jig is up and Quentin’s pending lawsuit for copyright infringement is curbed (hopefully).  The final flourish comes with the introduction of Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach as Las Teclas de Negro.  That’s “The Keys of Black” in Spanish, for those of you who have dodged foreign language requirements at every academic level.  Between Patrick’s super awesome fake moustache and Dan’s super awesomer fake moustache affixed to a super awesomest real beard, they make clear who the real stars are…though Todd Bridges may beg to differ.  Whatchoo talkin’ ‘bout Willis?!

The excellence of the Brothers’ videos thus far and the corresponding online response leaves hope that “Howlin’ For You” won’t be the last.  In case your immune system was too powerful the first go ‘round, here is another chance to catch up on a variety of viral vids from the Keys.

Band Website | MySpace | iTunes | Amazon

Shoutout to my bud, Pete Stucki for the heads up on this  instant classic!!

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How does a 5’-8”ish white man sound so much like a 6’-5”ish black man?
Do you think The Black Keys are friends with LeBron James?  (all are from Akron, OH)

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