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Lenny Kravitz | Let Love Rule (feat. Justice)

0 Comments 28 | January | 2011

I have mixed feelings about Lenny Kravitz’ music, but this awesomely creative video, featuring the likes of Justice, puts all that trepidation in check…for at least 4 minutes, 9 seconds.  This gem from 2009 kicks off with a rooftop duel featuring what appears to be Marty McFly capping David Carradine* right between the eyes in order to save his babe.  Super sweet.

*Would have been a more honorable departure, right.

The overtly contrived, “movie script ending” dialogue, complete with corny rabbit’s foot for good luck, is a brilliant touch that segues into the song itself with the heroic boyfriend stating “you gotta let love rule.”  Awwww….TRUE LOVE WINS!!

Kravitz champions the mic, his voice brimming with confidence, as the video’s champion confidently struts from the scene with the electro fuzz-funk of Justice providing the bounce in his step.  Then things get weird…

Watch now, lest ye forget “Justice delayed, is Justice denied.” – William Gladstone

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