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Kid Cudi | Pursuit Of Happiness

0 Comments 18 | November | 2010

Do you ever have that dream where you’re lying upwards on the couch and Ratatat is killing it underneath the cushions while a veritable Mardi Gras is blowin’ up your spot but you can’t even figure out why the front door is really on the back of the couch with a Phantom of the Opera Gondola settin’ sail to the kitchen for more milk to spill out the window down to the busy street that is really just a video projecting onto a screen while the fog machine is going so bezerker the Grim Reaper is kinda creeped out and he’s not sure if he’s a good enough dancer to hang at the party and mack the babes who are acting like they don’t care but they really do because they wanna have a million rap-star babies and they think Cudi’s glasses are, “like, so cute ‘n nerdy, but kinda sexy” and then you realize you forgot to close the door and all the snow, or maybe feathers, are getting into the house and the landlord’s gonna be pissed because you’re already late on your rent and he said no parties, ‘specially none with a buncha masquerading whack-jobs getting freaky and smudging up the new wallpaper. Yeah….happens to me like EVERY NIGHT.

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