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Ok Go | White Knuckles

3 Comments 27 | October | 2010

In the world of DIY choreography, Ok Go, are the undisputed heavyweights.  Having jumpstarted their career with the backyard classic, “A Million Ways,” the sultans of synchronization have since let loose with a chain of multi-platinum Youtube videos.  Previously, the foursome has tasked themselves with plotting and performing elaborate dances with a twist and a thick layer of Velveeta.  With the release of “This Too Shall Pass,” the gang kicked it up a notch, actually hiring an engineering firm to design and build the monumental tribute to Rube Goldberg.  This relinquishing of power was sign of what was to come.

Recently, they “unleashed” their latest installment, and it’s completely “off the chain.”  If you have yet to witness it’s brilliance, you might conclude from my 2-tons of puns that it involves dogs.  You’re right!  (You deserve a treat!)

I suppose when you’ve mastered treadmills and physics, the next logical step is dogs.  However, as loveable as they can be, dogs are unpredictable.  Hence, major props for assigning them lead role(s).  I count 11 dogs (and 1 goat) throughout the songs 3 minutes and 36 seconds.  That’s a lot of trainers in the background shouting commands, doling out treats, and exhibiting other forms of “handling.”  Not sure who was yelling at the goat, but he definitely looked nervous…must have been his first video.  Pssssh…..rookie.

THE OBLIGATORY ASIDE:  In the midst of all the canine craziness, you might overlook the oversized shoutout to Stacking, the hottest youth sport since eating dirt.  Immensely popular with kids age 6 to unpopular, stacking requires intense hand-eye coordination, and parents who have given up on their child’s ability compete in traditional sports.  Far be it from me to discount the talents possessed by the world record holders featured in this video, though.  Everything about it is mesmerizing (minus the girl in the back left.  Not sure if she is unpacking, packing, or just wishing there was Kool-Aid to go with the cups).  The kids are sporting Team USA jerseys, fist-pumping, and celebrating like champions.  It begs the question, “When are we going to see NCAA D1 Stacking?”  For that matter when will it become an Olympics sport, broadcast alongside Boggle?  Now you’re secretly stoked on stacking like me.  Just don’t let your coworkers catch your practicing in the break room with the water cups, lest you’ll have some ‘splainin’ to do.

In Ok Go’s video it’s apparent that they are not competing for time.  Hell, it’s not even a proper stack!! Jeez.  But I do give them bonus points for the inclusion.  Next video I expect some sick Fushigi skills to take center stage.

It’s safe to assume that it took less than 2 years to complete the video, but I haven’t researched the exact number of takes required.  I’d like to think it was just one.  After a single flawless execution, the band went out back for a smoke and a drink to celebrate a surefire viral hit, while the dogs celebrated by munching on Beggin’ Strips and licking their genitalia.

As unlikely as that case may be, the band will surely press on, raising the bar even higher, demanding new levels of creative genius to spawn their next masterpiece.  What’s next?  Llamas?!? Even if the next video requires a thousand takes, Ok Go won’t roll over and play dead.

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