LCD Soundsystem | Dance Yrself Clean

0 Comments 08 | June | 2010

Selected as the opening track of LCD’s new album, This Is Happening, and also featured here as the first-at-bat, the unusually elementary intro might have listeners scratching their heads….or asses….or both, if you’re coordinated.  Admittedly, I’m about instant gratification, so a waiting period in excess of three minutes is an eternity.  Usually if a song fails to fully engage me after a minute, two at most, it is banished to the back of the iPod.  I’m not sure what that space looks like, but I’m sure it’s next to Will Smith’s “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It,” which somehow tiptoes onto iPods worldwide.  (Oh, Big Willie Style, you were a gift from BMG and back in high school it certainly was, “Just The Two Of Us”)

For those of you who possess the necessary patience, and refrain from crying out, “LCD, my ass,” you are rewarded handsomely….as handsome as James Murphy himself.  The ensuing hi-hat + cowbell + synth jam-dance-explosion does everything except poop your pants for youWhat?!

…and while you’re sliding left to right and back again, across the bedroom carpet, don’t stop to think of the logistics of actually “dancing yrself clean,” cuz when you go to scratch your head, pondering the concept, the static shock will cause secondary shitting.  Instead, just dance it out and hope that your iPod doesn’t shuffle to Will Smith.

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