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The Thermals | A Pillar of Salt

0 Comments 07 | May | 2010

As a few people know already, this video has quite a bit of sentimental value.  The official video of 2:30 am for a few months in 2007, I must have subjected my friends to this musical menagerie over 100 times.  The fun-loving spirit of The Thermals is infectious and I can’t help it if their videos capture that same essence.  It is impossible to witness them live or taped and not feel as though your life is instantaneously changing for the better.

It all starts in an unassuming fashion….calm, white, controlled.  However, soon Kathy’s curls are bouncing triumphantly and Hutch is courageously confronting the camera, begging and pleading for your acceptance.  Soon after the whole scene descends into retarded chaos.  A collage of balloons, babies, feathers and paint spoil the scene and cause further nun-sense.

The furious pace and fervent lyrics are matched by the take-no-prisoners mindset that The Thermals bring to every concert and video.  Those that are lucky enough to stand in their way will undoubtedly be run down by a wall of sound, picked up only to be slain once again….all while flipping a metaphorical bird to the religious right.

The Bottom Line:  If you’re a fascist jerk, The Thermals will not keep you warm.

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