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OK Go | This Too Shall Pass

0 Comments 07 | May | 2010

There are two words for this video.  “Amazing” and “Fuckin-incredolicious.”  One of those words was recently made up by an anonymous author, but still holds true.  In this tribute to Rube Goldberg, the members of OK Go play a trivial role amidst the seemingly endless mechanisms timed to their single, “This Too Shall Pass.”

Known for their Youtube shenanigans, it’s no surprise to find them performing once again in the forum that made them famous.  However, with over 14 million views, this far surpasses the famed “Here It Goes Again” treadmill extravaganza.  On the other hand, consider that “Chocolate Rain” reigned in more than 52 million views and you’ll realize that talent and planning aren’t necessary ingredients for stardom these days.

Nevertheless, they’ve secured their place in the Youtube market and will hopefully continue to push the envelope for DIY videos.  Despite the fact that they actually had to hire engineers for this endeavor, we should credit them with the fact that their two breakthrough videos cost them the same price as a round of Spicy Chicken Sandwich Value Meals.  Toss in a free Frosty and maybe you can star in the next one.  Would that be fuckin-incredolicious?!

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